Medical staff provide health check-ups for people.

Forty doctors and nurses of the participating units offered free medical examination, health counseling, and medicines for more than 660 local people.

In addition, medical staff worked with the local health sector to disseminate information about healthy lifestyle among local people.

Along with health check-ups, Defense-Economic Unit 379 presented 300 gifts, valued at VND 20 million, to policy families and needy households in its stationed area.

Local people receive free medicines from medical personnel.

These practical activities aimed to mark the 132nd birthday anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh and help local people stabilize their life, contributing to consolidating the people’s trust in the local authorities and firmly safeguarding political security in border areas.

On the occasion, Defense-Economic Unit 379 opened a military-civilian medical examination and treatment area in Si Pha Phin commune, Nam Po district, Dien Bien province.

Translated by Song Anh