According to Lieutenant Colonel Hoang Van Trung, commanding officer of the post, at 16:40 on July 4, barge LA- 06745, captained by Nguyen Truong Luu, a resident of Long An province, capsized due to high winds and big waves while traveling from Dong Nai to Long An provinces. Luu and another fisherman, Nguyen Van Khanh, a native of Vinh Long province, jumped into the river. The barge was carrying some 400 tons of rock.

Ship of the border guards (right) reaching the troubled barge

While on duty at checkpoint No.1, troops of the Border Guard Post of Nha Rong Border Gate discovered and promptly sailed a canoe to the scene to rescue the two troubled fishermen. The troops then took them to a nearby border checkpoint for medical care.

Trung added that after rescuing the fishermen, the post sent more troops and vehicles to work closely with local people and relevant forces to tow the capsized barge to a safe place in Dong Nai province.

Translated by Song Anh