The event was chaired by the GDP’s Deputy Chief Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Gau.

Delegates at the event
General Gau addresses the event.

Addressing the event, General Gau affirmed that the voluntary blood donation has been actively implemented in units in the whole military, contributing to easing blood shortage during treatment.

The launching ceremony is organized at the Military Medical University.
The GDP leader encourages troops joining the drive.

On behalf of the GDP’s leadership, General Gau acknowledged and hailed the Military Youth Advisory Board, Department of Military Medicine, Military Medical University, and military hospitals, together with units in the whole military, for effectively implementing the voluntary blood donation movement over the past time. He also applauded military youths for pioneering in the emulation drive. 

Launching the voluntary blood donation drive among military youths in 2024, General Gau requested leaders at all levels in the whole military to boost leadership, grasp the directives of the Defense Minister on organizing voluntary blood donation in the military, and mobilize troops to join the movement via voluntary campaigns such as “Red Journey,” “Red Sunday,” among others.

Youths and troops of Military Medical University participate in the movement.
The program attracts the participation of nearly 700 youths and troops.

Besides, military units should map out solutions to continue boosting the movement in the military, while ensuring personnel work to meet task requirements in the current context.

The GDP’s leader noted that functional units should inspect treatment facilities in the military to ensure that they follow all regulations on blood transfusions and usage, and the training and education among medical staff working in this field.

He also requested the Youth Military Advisory Board to work with units inside and outside the military to bolster voluntary blood donation drive among youths, while honoring outstanding collectives and individuals in this field.

On the occasion, nearly 700 troops of the Military Medical University donated their blood voluntarily.

Translated by Minh Anh