After studying and training in an environment of "strict discipline," they have now become strong and mature young signal officers and are embarking on a new path to dedication to the Fatherland and following their dreams.

Three role models

The three young officers are First Lieutenant Nguyen Doan Manh, First Lieutenant Nguyen Doan Trong, and Second Lieutenant Nguyen Doan Vinh. While awaiting being assigned to new units, First Lieutenant Nguyen Doan Trong and Second Lieutenant Nguyen Doan Vinh were quite busy reviewing documents, records, and papers to bring to their new units. Meanwhile, First Lieutenant Nguyen Doan Manh was commanding his unit, as he was on duty. Watching Manh’s movements and commands giving, people could not help being impressed by him.

The three brothers of Nguyen Doan Manh, Nguyen Doan Trong and Nguyen Doan Vinh

After the time of waiting, Second Lieutenant Nguyen Doan Vinh was assigned to Brigade 601 of Military Region 1, First Lieutenant Nguyen Doan Manh to Division 312 of Army Corps 1, and First Lieutenant Nguyen Doan Trong to Radar Regiment 291 of Division 365 under the Air defense - Air force Service. They are now serving different units, performing different tasks, but they’ve all promised to dedicate themselves to the Fatherland.

According to Commanding Officer of Battalion 28 Colonel Duong Trong Hung, "The triplets have high responsibility and always strive to gain individual achievements and contribute to the unit, serving as bright examples in learning, training, and revolutionary morality. What they have been equipped and fostered at school will be a springboard for their bright future."

Family as a pillar of support

Proudly sharing the family’s feelings on the day the triplets graduated, their father Nguyen Doan Dung, who lives in Thanh Chuong district, Nghe An province, said, "Seeing them grow up from a prestigious school and continue being trained in their new units, our family feels very proud and believe that they will complete all assigned tasks.”

For their part, the triplet officers always reserve big love for their family. They grew up through hardships and always bear in their mind their parents efforts to bring them up. For them, family is the place where dreams, aspirations, and ambitions are nurtured, and a pillar of support to help them stay firm on the military career.

After the graduation ceremony, one of the triplets, Trong, was granted a leave of absence to visit his family. The young officer did not hang out with his friends, but repaired the house, did the gardening, taking his mother to the medical center for health examination and bought her a winter coat with his first month's salary. The three brothers have agreed to have their leaves of absence in turn to take care of their aging parents.

Despite different working positions with different responsibilities and tasks in different units, the three brothers have the same ambition and are making constant efforts to complete all assigned missions successfully.

Translated by: Tra My - Le Xuan - Anh Tuan - Le Na