The hospital’s Director Maj. Gen. Tran Viet Tien addresses the event.

Addressing the event, the hospital’s Director Major General Tran Viet Tien emphasized that the Party Committee and Board of Directors of the hospital have always focused on developing scientific and technical research, considering it a key task to promote the development of treatment and training, contributing to the development of the military medical force in particular and the medical sector of Vietnam in particular.

In addition, the hospital’s scientific research activities have encouraged young people to develop their creativity and professionalism, so as to step by step master scientific and technological advances. They have also provided young doctors with scientific methods of thinking and working styles, contributing to improving their competence.

Especially, over the  years, the scientific research activities of the hospital's youth have been upheld and increasingly developed with remarkable achievements in the Youth Science and Technology Conferences in the national health sector.

At the conference

This year, the hospital has 10 researches and techniques out of a total of 315 works participating in the 20th Youth Science and Technology Conference in the health sector, winning two first prizes, two second prizes, and four third prizes. Besides, the unit’s youths have also published many articles on prestigious international journals. Specifically, in 2020 and 2021, the hospital has published 108 articles on prestigious international journals of the ISI/Scopus system.

At the 29th Youth Innovation Technology Sports Festival in Hanoi, organized by the Ministry of Health, young doctors of the hospital won two first, four second, and one third prizes. Scientific research activities have helped the hospital's youth promote their creativity, paving the way for improving professionalism and capacity, as well as developing and applying many high-tech solutions to taking care of the people’s health.

Translated by Minh Anh