Every day, Deputy Director of the Weaponry Department Senior Colonel Trinh Xuan Thanh, referees, coaches, and the team members start their training session from early morning.

Each exercise comprises different contents, requiring high accuracy, physical fitness, professional expertise, and coordination skills.

On their training ground, the team was divided into small groups.

Vietnamese gunsmiths training hard for Army Games 2021

After disassembling, checking, repairing, and fire-testing two 122mm towed howitzers D-30A, a group rushed to another area to repair 23mm anti-aircraft guns ZU-23.

Not far away, another team is repairing 122mm multiple launch rocket launchers BM-21.

All of the members have to race against time to complete their tasks as fast as possible.

A team member, Second Lieutenant Hoang Ngoc Son shared that together with studying the structures, functions, and operation principles of the weapons, the team has conducted training to improve their strength and skills to achieve the best results.

The head coach of the team, Lieutenant Colonel Ta Van Phuc, shared that this is the first time the Vietnamese team will compete in the “Gunsmith Master” competition.

Despite difficulties, all members of the team are determined to do their utmost to achieve the best results in the games.

Senior Colonel Trinh Xuan Thanh, captain of the Vietnamese gunsmith master team, said that after the four-month-long training course, 17 out of 56 gunsmiths were selected for further training courses. They are young and in good physical condition.

In the Army Games 2021, the Vietnamese gunsmiths will compete in five categories, namely Competition on maintenance of 122mm towed howitzer D-30A, Competition on maintenance of 23mm anti-aircraft gun ZU-23, Competition on maintenance 122mm multiple launch rocket launcher BM-21, Arms biathlon (relay race), and Complex relay race of repair platoons.

Translated by Quynh Oanh