General Luong Cuong, permanent member of the Central Military Commission, Director of the General Department of Politics of the VPA, and Head of the Scientific Council, presided over the meeting.

The projects pinpointed successes as well as shortcomings that need fixing, and precious lessons drawn by the VPA during the mission implementation. With both theoretical and practical significance and valuable contents, the project related to the VPA’s implementation of the “peaceful evolution” prevention task will contribute to heightening revolutionary vigilance of troops. It will also add to the improvement of the organizational capabilities of Party committees, chains-of command, political commissars, political cadres and agencies at all levels in performing the “peaceful evolution” prevention mission. It confirms that the VPA is always a political force, a loyal and faithful combat force of the Party, State and people and always undertakes and outstandingly completes all assignments.

At the meeting

Meanwhile, the project on the VPA’s performance of international service highlights the VPA’s implementation of the Party’s policies and viewpoints on external affairs and of President Ho Chi Minh’s teaching on “To assist friends means to assist oneself.” It also emphasizes that the VPA, over the past nearly 75 years of its history, has closely combined the true spirit of patriotism with the noble spirit of international proletarianism. The VPA has always tried its best to fulfill national liberation and protection missions along with its international duties.

The VPA’s successful completion of international duties is clear evidence of revolutionary heroism and the noble spirit of international solidarity. It also contributes to promoting the solidarity and friendship between Vietnam and other countries and enhancing the noble image of Uncle Ho’s soldiers and the tradition of the heroic Vietnam People’s Army.

Concluding the meeting, General Cuong highly valued the project holders for their serious working attitude and scientific and meticulous project implementation. He also spoke highly of the projects’ high quality and significance and asked the project holders to take note of the council’s opinions to perfect these outstanding works.

Translated by Mai Huong