The unit has completed the “three explosions” test including AK rifle shooting lesson 1, grenade throwing, and explosive charging, for new recruits.

Soldier Tran Duc Luong, one of soldiers winning highest scores in the grenade throwing category, shared that thanks to careful instructions from the unit’s leaders and his determination, he has acquired good technical skills and movements in the three contents.

Air Defense Company 16 of Brigade 242 well upholds combat readiness posture.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Colonel Trieu Nguyen Chung, Commanding Officer of Battalion 162 of Brigade 242, underlined that the unit’s chains-of-command paid due attention to giving instructions, fixing shortcomings, and assisting and encouraging recruits who are not good in practice to ensure that all recruits make accurate movements and are confident to get good outcomes in the test.

With good preparations, the battalion finished the “three explosions” test with high results, ensuring absolute safety, added Lieutenant Colonel Chung.

Meanwhile, leaders of Air Defense Company 16 of Brigade 242 have attached much importance to training soldiers to master equipped weapons and materiel, especially in unfavorable weather conditions.

At the same time, the company has regularly held training sessions close to combat reality and seriously maintained on-duty posture round the clock in order to be ready in any circumstances.

For officers and soldiers stationed on Tran Island, training hard is considered an important task to contribute to firmly protecting national sovereignty over sea and islands. 

Lieutenant Do Minh Duc, head of Platoon 1 under Tran Island Battalion’s 76.2mm Gun Company, affirmed that in spite of facing difficulties while performing tasks on the island, all soldiers always try their best to raise combat readiness quality to promptly deal with any issues.

Accordingly, over the past time, the Party Committee and Chain-of-command of Brigade 242 have actively and pro-actively promoted troops’ political stance and competence. Thus, the officers and soldiers further raise their awareness of overcoming difficulties, training hard, and improving combat readiness quality to meet all task requirements.

Translated by Minh Anh