Acknowledging that defensive area exercise is important in city and province-level defensive area building and operation, Soc Trang province has for many months focused its leadership and direction on the comprehensive implementation of solutions to ensure the exercise a success.

Lieutenant General Nguyen Xuan Dat speaks at the event.

Addressing the opening ceremony of the drill, General Dat emphasized the important position of the province. In particular, it is the convergence of big estuaries and life-line routes of the Mekong Delta. In addition, the province is home to large waters and deep-water port which are important to socio-economic development and defense and security posture of the southwestern waters and the country.

General Dat also highlighted the exercise in the 2010-2015 period, saying that it will help promote vigilance, raise awareness of cadres and civil servants of all-level political system and of people about the Party and State’s viewpoints and guidelines on Fatherland protection in the new situation.

After the exercise, adjustments and supplement on contents and tasks related to defense area building will be made to match the real situation of the locality, and meet the mission requirement of safeguarding the Fatherland in the new situation.

During the two-day exercise, participants will practice shifting the armed forces to different levels of combat readiness posture, the locality to defense posture, and preparing and carrying out defensive operation.

Translated by Mai Huong