At the working session, he was briefed on the corps’ task performance since the beginning of this year.

Specifically, the Signal Corps has embraced and seriously implemented resolutions adopted by the Central Military Commission (CMC), and other military-defense related directions by higher levels.

General Vinh speaks at the meeting.

It has made positive and comprehensive changes in all working aspects. Attentively, it has actively given advice and proposals to the CMC and the Ministry of National Defense (MND) on issues related to military communication networks and personnel of the signal force.

Moreover, the Signal Corps has paid due attention to devising plans and realizing strategies on developing the military signal system in the 2011-2020 period. It has also directed the renovation of combat training and education and training programs in a practical and effective manner.

Under the direction of the Signal Command, its affiliated units have guaranteed smooth communications for routine and unscheduled missions of defense agencies and military units, including the recent disaster relief and search and rescue tasks in the disaster-devastated localities in the central region.

Most recently, a signal contingent won a bronze medal while competing in the International Army Games 2020 hosted by Russia.

Addressing the meeting, General Vinh highly valued the Signal Corps’ achievements in the past and asked it to continue to embrace higher levels’ resolutions and directions on military and defense tasks.

It should keep a close watch on situational developments and make accurate forecasts of newly arising situations to help the CMC and the MND better their command over the military signal system and the military signal force, General Vinh added.

He urged the corps to implement the strategy on military signal system development in the 2020-2030 period with a vision towards 2045, improve the quality of combat training and become proficient in the use of assigned equipment as well as effectively perform other social activities, General Vinh said. 

Translated by Mai Huong