Regiment 31 yearly welcomes nearly 1,000 recruits from Southern provinces. In order to leave good impression on recruits on their first days of recruitment, the unit always cleans the barracks, re-arranges barrack rooms, upgrades areas for entertainment and gathering, and supplements other supplies for troops to live, study, and train.

Troops of Regiment 31 paint and repair training supplies.

Lieutenant Colonel Le Van Hiep, Deputy Political Commissar of Regiment 31 said that “Before the lunar Year of the Cat 2023, the regiment was determined to organize a safe, economical, high combat readiness Tet holiday while preparing to receive new recruits and open the training session for 2023. Therefore, the regiment’s affiliated agencies and units developed plans and tasked troops in the spirit of both enjoying the Tet (lunar New Year) holiday and fulfilling assignments.”

Along with fixed funding from higher levels, battalions under the regiments have deducted money from their production fund and capitalized on available materials to renew each training supply to meet actual requirements. From sharpening hoes, shovels, knives to assembling sound and light devices for training, troops have heightened safety and quality.

Soldier Thach Sen of Company 1, Battalion 7 said that “I have never welcomed Tet as joyfully as I did this year. The spirit of collective and comradeship was extremely cozy and friendly. We did not forget our duties. We pro-actively painted and repaired training supplies, took care of vegetables, re-arranged beds and backpack racks so as to welcome new recruits. This is our duties, responsibility, and sentiments for newly-recruited troops.”

This year, the regiment’s Party Committee sets a goal that all new recruits will pass their training examinations with flying colors after the training session and safety in all aspects will be secured.

Troops preserve equipment and check the operation of information machines.

To this end, the regiment’s staff body has completed the checking of quality of youths to serve the military service, agreed on the list and files of the recruits with the related localities. It has also worked with the regiment’s division of political affairs to strengthen the contingent of instructors with high expertise, experience in management and training for recruits. Other preparations have basically been completed.

According to Colonel Dang Van Dung, Commanding Officer of Regiment 31, with the motto of making breakthroughs in improving training quality right from the first days, the regiment has pro-actively made thorough preparations. It has focused on developing training methods, prioritizing practice, forming and training a model team to demonstrate each practical movement, making it easy for new recruits to learn and practice, thereby achieving the highest results in the training season 2023.

Translated by Mai Huong