Lt. Gen. Nguyen Van Nghia visits Vietnam's exhibition booth

At the event, General Nghia heard opinions of the forces directly involved in the opening and closing ceremonies and proposals made by functional agencies.

He lauded artists, troops, and other relevant forces for their great efforts during the practice for the important ceremonies.

The deputy chief of the General Staff emphasized that the Vietnamese Ministry of National Defense’s hosting of the “Emergency Area” event of the Army Games 2022 is of practical significance and a highlight in the defense diplomacy. It contributes to enhancing exchanges, boosting friendly cooperation between Vietnamese military and their foreign peers.

He asked functional agencies and units to double check the work, ensure solemn protocols at the ceremonies and the spread of nice images of Vietnam, its culture, traditions, people and military among international friends.

Lt. Gen. Nguyen Van Nghia at the exhibition booth of the Russian delegation

He also urged involved forces to make the most of time to practice to ensure the success of the ceremonies.

This is the second time Vietnam has hosted the “Emergency Area” event in the framework of Army Games. This year’s event will see the competition of more than 100 competitors from six contingents, namely the host Vietnam, Myanmar, Russia, Belarus, Congo, and Mali.

The opening ceremony of the Army Games 2022 in Vietnam is slated for August 15 and the closing ceremony is scheduled to take place on August 19.

Translated by Mai Huong