Reportedly, newly-recruited troops made good achievements in training, especially the “three-explosions” content, with absolute safety.

After three months of training, they were equipped with political, military, logistic and technical knowledge, and were ready to fulfill all assigned missions.

New recruits of Nghe An provincial Border Guard Command during the oath-taking ceremony

Accordingly, 100% of troops of Military Region 1 obtained good or excellent results in tests and applied what they have learnt to their task performance.

Meanwhile, troops of Military Region 3 actively made good preparations in all fields. The military region’s chain-of-command promoted leadership in helping and encouraging troops since their first days in the military so as to gain best training results.

Military units under Military Region 4 strictly organized training tasks while attaching much importance to troops’ political stance. In addition, 100% of them achieved good results in grenade-throwing and explosive-charging tests, while 95% of troops gained good outcomes in AK shooting lesson 1.

Reviewing the guards-of-honor of recruits at Division 324, Military Region 4

According to the assessment of higher levels, training quality in Military Region 5’s affiliated units was improved, meeting all set targets. All of the troops ensured political stance to fulfill their assigned tasks.

In order to raise training quality among new recruits, units under Military Region 7 made thorough preparations for the training mission, while well organizing training and tests. After three months of training, newly-recruited troops mastered weapons and equipment, ensured good health, and strictly observed military discipline. Accordingly, 100% of them obtained good and excellent results in tests.

Brigade 229, Engineering Corps granting certificates to recruits with excellent outcomes

Recruits of Military Region 9’s affiliated units have undergone a three-month training course on both training and keeping fit. Many of them achieved excellent results in the “three-explosions” tests.

Units in the whole Naval Service strictly ensured training missions so that the training quality was promoted then. Many units gained high results in training among newly-recruited troops, such as Brigade 957 (Naval Region 4) and Battalion 158 (Naval Region 1).

The recruits staffed to the Air Defense - Air Force Service have undergone a three-month training course on the basic knowledge of tactics, military, line-up regulations and technical service and were ready to accomplish all assigned missions. As a result, all of them completed tests with absolute safety. After the oath-taking ceremony, the troops will be assigned to new units to further perform their tasks.

At the oath-taking ceremony held by Division 363, Air Defense - Air Force Service

Army Corps 1 directed its affiliated units to be well-prepared and carry out training missions. Accordingly, all newly-recruited troops were given basic military, political, logistic and technical knowledge as scheduled so as to apply to their task performance.

During the three months of training, recruits of Army Corps 2’s affiliated units successfully acquired basic military knowledge and promoted their political stance, and completed all tests with good results and absolute safety.

Regarding training for recruits, Army Corps 3 has implemented many training measures. As a result, 80% of troops gained good and excellent training outcomes. Especially, five companies of the corps achieved excellent “three-explosions” results.

Translated by Minh Anh