Practicing charging explosives
New recruits perform AK rifle shooting lesson 1 content.

Accordingly, the “three-explosions” test, running from May 16 to 25, included the contents, namely explosive charging, grenade throwing, and AK rifle shooting lesson 1.

Thanks to thorough preparations, the new recruits successfully completed the contents while ensuring absolute safety for personnel, weapons, and equipment. Participants strictly observed discipline and regulations.

In detail, the division achieved good results in the AK rifle shooting lesson 1 content and excellent results in the contents of explosive charging and grenade throwing.

Flowers presented to soldiers with excellent results in shooting content

According to Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Xuan Hung, Chief of Staff of Regiment 2, Division 9, Army Corps 4, with careful preparation and hard training, the new recruits showed their confidence in carrying out contents of the test. The results of the test were the encouragement for officers and soldiers to fulfill all assigned tasks in the coming time.

Translated by Song Anh