* The Tay Ninh provincial Military Command organized a oath-taking ceremony for nearly 500 recruits on May 30.

After a three-month training course, the recruits have strictly observed military disciplines and obtained good and excellent training results.

The provincial Military Command also certificated 10 collectives and 27 individuals for their excellent achievements.

* Earlier, on May 29, Military Region 7’s affiliated units, including the Binh Thuan provincial Military Command, Air Defense Brigade 77, also held oath-taking ceremonies for recruits.

During the three months of training, the Binh Thuan provincial Military Command has implemented many training measures. As a result, 100% of the recruits met the requirements and achieved good results.

Recruits of Air Defense Division 375 marching at the oath-taking ceremony

Meanwhile, Air Defense Brigade 77 also strictly maintained military discipline and training activities.  All the new recruits achieved the set requirements.

* During three-month training course, Armored Brigade 416 of Military Region 9 held a scheduled training program in line with strictly observing discipline.

Additionally, the brigade attached much importance to taking care of the material and spiritual lives of troops. As a result, 90% of them obtained good and excellent training results.

* 100% of new recruits in Division 325 of Army Corps 2 have successfully acquired basic knowledge of the military, promoted their political stance, and improved their techno-tactical skills with absolute safety.

* Affiliated units of Army Corps 3, including Artillery Brigade 234, Chemical Battalion 21, and Signal Battalion 29, held oath-taking events.

Amid the complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, these units still implemented training programs as scheduled with good results.

* At the oath-taking ceremony hosted by Naval 4 Region’s affiliated units (Training Center of the region, Brigade 101, Brigade 957), newly-recruited soldiers were highly appreciated for their task performance. One hundred percent of the new recruits obtained good and excellent training results while ensuring absolute safety.

* This year, Brigade 139 of the Signal Corps received and trained nearly 600 recruits. To date, all the recruits have met their training requirements with flying colors and absolute safety, especially in grenade-throwing, explosive-planting, and AK-shooting.

* Recruits of Air Defense Division 375 under the Air Defense - Air Force Service have been well-equipped with knowledge of political and military discipline and the tasks assigned to their units. Notably, almost all of them obtained good and excellent training results after three months.

* The Military School of Army Corps 1 held an oath-taking for 242 recruits. After a three-month training course, they acquired basic knowledge of politics, military, logistics, and techno-tactical skills. They also learnt and practiced skills to handle weapons and equipment in absolute safety.

Translated by Khanh Ngan