* Military Region 1’s affiliated units organized an oath-taking ceremony for their new recruits. After a three-month training course, the newly-recruited troops were equipped with knowledge of politics, military, logistics and technical services.

At the swearing-in ceremony held by Regiment 143, Division 315 of Military Region 5

All of them have met all training requirements and strictly observed military regulations.

* Meanwhile, Division 363 under the Air Defense Air Force Service hosted similar ceremony for over 900 new recruits. After three months of training, the recruits have fulfilled political education and training programs under the direction of the Ministry of National Defense. Accordingly, all the new recruits met the course’s requirements with full safety and many of them gained good results.

* The recruits staffed to Regiment 141 under Division 312 (Army Corps 1) have undergone a three-month training course on the basic knowledge of politics, military, logistics and technical services. All the new recruits achieved the set requirements with full safety, while 80% of them obtained good or excellent results in tests.

* 100% of the new recruits of Brigade 139 of the Signal Corps have successfully fulfilled their training course, meeting the requirements with absolute safety.

* Similarly, new recruits of Training Center 334 of the General Technical Department of the Vietnam People's Army were also given basic knowledge of the military and met all targets of the three-month training course. Most of them obtained the training goals with flying colors.

Translated by Minh Anh