Deputy Defense Minister Senior Lieutenant General Hoang Xuan Chien attended and spoke at the event.

Senior Lieutenant General Hoang Xuan Chien addresses the event.

Over the past 10 years, the Navy has thoroughly grasped the Party’s guidelines and State’s policies on international integration and defense diplomacy; viewpoints and measures determined in the CMC’s Resolution 806. The international integration and defense diplomacy work has been comprehensively carried out bilaterally and multilaterally and obtained important outcomes.

The service has made recommendations to the CMC and the Ministry of National Defense to effectively carry out international integration and defense diplomacy activities and proposed measures to handle circumstances in a timely and effectively manner, contributing to firmly safeguard national sovereignty and peaceful and stable maritime environment for national development.

Over the past time, the Navy has closely coordinated with relevant agencies and units to flexibly and effectively carry out defense diplomacy activities in accordance with actual situation, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic time, and the guidelines, policies, and motto of the Party, State, CMC, and MND on defense, security, and foreign relations.

An overview of the conference

At the conference, delegates reviewed obtained outcomes, pointed out shortcomings, clarified reasons, and proposed measures to enhance the effectiveness of the implementation of Resolution 806, thus raising the quality of future international integration and defense diplomacy work. 

In the coming time, the Navy will focus on following developments of regional and international situations, especially sea-related situations; raising the quality of international integration and defense diplomacy work; strengthening cooperation with navies of neighboring countries, world powers, Southeast Asia nations, and important and traditional partners.

Speaking at the conference, General Chien acknowledged and praised the service for its achievements in carrying out the resolution over the past ten years. He emphasized that the Navy is an outstanding service in the whole military in implementing defense diplomacy work. 

Leaders of the Naval Service present certificates of merit to outstanding individuals and groups.

The deputy defense minister asked the service to continue to grasp and effectively carry out the political missions of safeguarding national sovereignty over sea and islands and protecting and developing maritime economy; closely follow situational developments, make strategic forecast, and propose defense diplomacy policies.

On the occasion, outstanding collectives and individuals in carrying out Resolution 806 in the 2013 – 2023 period were honored at the event.

Translated by Tran Hoai