Rear Admiral Tran Thanh Nghiem welcomed at Brigade 189


Specifically, since the beginning of this year, these naval units have comprehensively carried out all working aspects, embraced and seriously implemented military-related orders for 2021 as well as directives and instructions on combat readiness issued by higher levels. They have also strictly implemented all-level guard duties and completed training for all types of trainees.

Troops of Brigade 101 in a live-fire test

In addition, they have enjoyed positive changes in force regularity building, discipline observance, and safety guarantee. Moreover, they have effectively performed the Party and political work in implementing their tasks, including combat readiness and combat training, and ensured safety of personnel and barracks during elections of deputies to the 15th National Assembly and all-level people’s councils for the 2021-2016 period and during big events of the nation.

Together with ensuring logistical and technical services for mission implementation, units have developed their ties with localities where they are stationed, effectively carried out mass mobilization, search and rescue missions and COVID-19 prevention and control work.

Rear Admiral Tran Thanh Nghiem visits Brigade 146.

Speaking highly of their achievements, Rear Admiral Nghiem pointed out their shortcomings that need to be fixed soon.

The chief of the Naval Service requested commanding officers of units to pay due attention to improving troops’ spiritual and material life, grasping, orienting and effectively handling troops’ thought. While enhancing internal solidarity, these commanders and leaders should direct the good performance of tasks for remaining time of the year and subsequent years.

Rear Admiral Tran Thanh Nghiem and crew-members of the 016-Quang Trung pose for a joint photo.

The same day, Rear Admiral Tran Thanh Nghiem congratulated and applauded the crew of the frigates 015-Tran Hung Dao and 016-Quang Trung under Brigade 162 of Naval Region 4 for their completion of defense diplomacy missions in Russia, especially their winning of a silver medal at the Army Games 2021 which they had participated in for the first time.

Source: baohaiquanvietnam

Translated by Mai Huong