Senior Lieutenant General Tran Don (right) and Lieutenant General Do Can (left) visiting working place of late Senior Lieutenant General Song Hao.
Senior Lieutenant General Tran Don, member of the Party Central Committee, permanent member of the Central Military Commission and MoD’s Deputy Minister and Lieutenant General Do Can, the GDP’s Deputy Director, bowed their heads to show their deep respect and gratitude for great contributions of late General Song Hao to the national revolution and the building of the Vietnam People’s Army.

The two generals emphasized that in any positions, General Song Hao wholeheartedly devoted his whole life for to the country and people. He was a prestigious leader and an exemplary communist who had contributed to the development of the Vietnamese army with political and combat strength and enrichment of Vietnam’s military arts, contributing to the success of the resistance war for national independence and reunification and protection and defense cause.

They stressed that troops in the whole army will foster unity, promote studying and raise their political stance and professionalism to meet requirements of national construction and defense missions in the new period.

Translated by Tran Hoai