This was the first meeting of the board to evaluate the achievements in digital transformation in the MND over the past time and discuss and collect opinions to complete the plan before being carried out in the coming time.

Deputy Defense Minister Senior Lieutenant General Le Huy Vinh chairs the conference.

As reported, to accelerate the progress of digital transformation in the MND, last month the Defense Minister issued Decision 2521/QD-BQP on forming the compilation board and editing board for digital transformation plan in the MND by 2025 with a vision to 2030.

At the conference, delegates were briefed on the progress of the plan building and basic contents of the draft document by a representative from Command 86, the standing agency of the compilation board. The report read that over the past time Command 86 and members of the editing board have cooperated with agencies and units to build the plan as scheduled and conduct surveys to evaluate the situation of the implementation of digital transformation in defense agencies and military units and their demand for it.

Delegate delivers a report at the conference.

Having been updated on the plan, participating delegates contributed their opinions to the draft document’s contents and responsibilities of agencies and units in charge of building and actualizing the plan.

Speaking at the conference, Senior Lieutenant General Le Huy Vinh praised Command 86, relevant agencies and units, members of compilation and editing boards for their activeness and pro-activeness in building the plan. He emphasized that digital transformation is a big guideline of the Party and State and is an inevitable process in the development of the society.

An overview of the event

Developing the plan is a practical step to actualize the Government’s digital transformation guideline and contributes to raising the effectiveness of the task implementation of the MND. The early completion and implementation of the project will facilitate the modernization and help the army be strong enough to complete all assigned mission in the new period.

The Deputy Defense Minister said that the plan’s contents should comprehensively comprise the MND’s vision, targets, and its road-map for realizing the plan and focus on dealing with obstacles to ensure the successful implementation of digital transformation. In the short-term, Senior Lieutenant General Le Huy Vinh emphasized the need to raise the awareness of agencies and units’ leaders and personnel of digital transformation, develop digital infrastructure, and build digital data.

The general asked Command 86 and the editing board to collect participants’ opinions to complete the plan. He urged members of the compilation board to enhance responsibility to build a quality plan to contribute to accelerating the progress of digital transformation in the MND.

Translated by Tran Hoai