PANO – “Units across the army have been actively implementing mass mobilization work since early this year  while mobilizing troops and other resources to assist tens of thousands of households in eliminating hunger and reducing poverty.

“The good results of the work have been clearly demonstrated in areas home to people of minority ethnic groups and religious followers”, said Major General Ngo Van Bich, Head of the Department of Mass Mobilization under the General Department of Politics.

Border troops helping people in Lao Cai province with their crop. Photo:

Reportedly, since the early this year, the whole army has mobilized 1,032 troops to assist people in various localities, strengthened local Party committees and political organizations at all levels, provided defense-security training courses for 6,567 religious dignitaries and prestigious persons in minority ethnic communities, helped nearly 25,000 households alleviate poverty, mobilized nearly 5,500 drop-out students back to school and eradiated illiteracy for 673 people.

Units have set up 4,390 pairs of Kinh - minority ethnic families to support each other in household economic development. Border units have built up more than 5,600 self-managed groups to protect the borderline and mobilized 173 households to participate in self-management of thousands of kilometers of borderline.

These activities of army units have contributed to strengthening the great national unity and building strong local authorities.

Translated by Dang Khoi