At the launch of the program held by the Department of Political Affairs under Military Region 1

* On May 11, the Department of Political Affairs under Military Region 1, and affiliated units and agencies of Division 968 under Military Region 4 started emulation programs themed “When drinking water, remember its source, paying gratitude to national contributors” to mark the 75th anniversary of the Wounded and Fallen Soldiers’ Day.

As planned, from May 14 to July 27, the units and agencies will promote education and dissemination of traditions mentioned above and policies on national contributors among their officers and soldiers. Meanwhile, all troops will show great determination to practice well, raise high sense of combat readiness posture, strictly observe military discipline, and undertake all political missions.

Division 968 provides health check-ups for national contributors in Quang Tri province.

Additionally, Division 968 will raise money for the division’s “Gratitude Fund,” conduct practical activities, including building and presenting gratitude and comrade houses, and effectively implement the emulation movement entitled “Division 968’s troops join hands for the poor – No one is left behind,” to name but a few.

* The same day, Brigade 368 under Armed Corps 1 also launched a similar emulation program.

Over the past time, Brigade 368's troops have heightened their responsibilities and exerted utmost efforts to overcome their difficulties to fulfill all assignments.

Also, they have actively strengthened emulation movements, contributing to building typical healthy and strong party organizations, as well as comprehensively-strong, “exemplary and typical” agencies and units.

Units sign the emulation agreement

The emulation program this year aims to demonstrate the sentiments and responsibility of the Party, the State, and the military toward wounded and fallen soldiers, and national contributors. Through the program, all troops will raise high sense of responsibility to implement the Party’s and State’s guidelines, policies and laws for wounded and fallen soldiers, and national contributors.

On the occasion, Brigade 368 honored 15 collectives and individuals for their outstanding achievements in the previous emulation movement.

Translated by Quynh Oanh