Themed “When drinking water, remember its source, paying gratitude to national contributors,” the program aims to bring into play national patriotism, revolutionary heroism, and national and military tradition of “When drinking water, remember its source” and “Gratitude.”

It is also a good chance to express sentiments, responsibility, and thanks to wounded and fallen soldiers and other national contributors. In addition, the program targets to equip troops with right awareness, raise their high sense of responsibility, and encourage them to victoriously realize the Party’s guideline, the State’s policies and laws on wounded and fallen soldiers and national contributors.

During the emulation program

As envisaged, from May 14 to July 27, the whole regiment will boost education and dissemination of the aforementioned traditions and policies on national contributors. All troops are determined to practice well, raise high sense of combat readiness posture, build regularity, strictly observe military discipline, and complete all assigned political tasks. They will also join hands in carrying out polices for wounded soldiers, families of fallen troops and troops’ families.

The regiment sets goals that all of its troops have firm political stance, are absolutely loyal to the Party, the Fatherland, and the people, and follow closely situations of the nation, military, service, and division. Troops will stay ready to undertake and fulfill all assignments, proactively study and follow President Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality and style, promote traditions, devote talent and deserve to be Uncle Ho’s soldiers. Moreover, they will fight against individualism in the new situation.

Translated by Mai Huong