Reports delivered at the ceremony of the Air Defense-Air Force Academy affirmed that in the last academic year, the academy fulfilled all targets set for the year. Particularly, the unit effectively carried out resolutions and directives of higher levels on education and training and applied different initiatives to raise the quality of education, training, and scientific research.

The opening ceremony of the 2020-2021 school year at the Air Defense-Air Force Academy. (Photo:

Over the past time, the unit organized 117 classes for more than 2,000 Vietnamese learners and their peers from Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand.

In the 2020-2021 academic year, the academy will continue carrying out core missions set for military education and the training sector to turn out a contingent of competent lecturers and management officers, and to build it into a comprehensively strong unit.

On the same day, the Vocational Training School of Cryptography Techniques of the General Staff also started its new school year. In the last academic year, the school updated its education program with a focus on practice and trainees’ knowledge.

In the coming time, the unit will continue innovating training methods, attaching much importance to practical training, raising its personnel’s ability to use cryptography techniques, and raising training quality in combination with regulation building.

Similar to the Vocational Training School of Cryptography Techniques, in the last school year, the Logistics Academy actively renewed its training methods and programs to raise the quality of education and training. Together with enriching practical experiences for its learners, the academy tested the foreign language skills of its students at the platoon level for the first time. 

In the year, the unit’s personnel had many outstanding scientific research projects, of which 13 were awarded the 20th “Creative Youth” Award in the military.

The academy has ambitious plans to build a smart school and apply high-tech products of the fourth industrial revolution to its teaching and learning activities.

Translated by Tran Hoai