Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff of Military Region Major General Truong Minh Khai served as the manager of the scientific research project was, which was carried out from January 2018 to November 2019.

During the event

The 165-page research includes three main chapters, proposals, an appendix, and references. The first chapter is about scientific backgrounds in building militia posts and defending the national border in the Southwest in the current period. The second part focuses on specific steps and contents in building the posts, while the last part suggests measures to raise the effectiveness of the operation of the posts.

After being commissioned by the Ministry of National Defense in early 2018, the Military Region 9 Command’s officers have conducted different survey and taken meta-analysis methods to complete the project as planned.

Having carefully evaluated the research, the Military Science Council of the National Defense Ministry gave high compliment to the study, affirming that the study will pave the way to build and run militia posts for Southwestern border defense and issue legal documents on management and protection of national sovereignty in border areas.

It will also be a valuable reference for research and teaching activities in military schools and training and combat readiness missions in the new period.

Translated by Tran Hoai