The two sides signing coordination agreement

Highlighting the good outcomes of the cooperation program in the 2016-2020 period, Senior Lieutenant General Tran Quang Phuong, Deputy Director of the GDP, said that the program was conducted effectively.

Phuong added that the cooperation program in the previous phase has contributed to the fulfilment of political missions of the military and VGCL as well as strengthened the solidarity, mutual understanding, and relations between military units and all-level labor union organizations.

According to General Phuong, the active coordination between the GDP and the VGCL has made contributions to cultural, socio-economic development, defense-security consolidation, poverty reduction and hunger elimination in various localities, as well as to increase in defense workers’ incomes.

At the meeting, the two sides signed the cooperation program for the 2021-2025 period with the aim of boosting information dissemination to raise troops’ and workers’ awareness of the importance of building a strong defense disposition.

They agreed to renovate the forms and contents of labor union-related programs, diversify their coordination activities in line with the reality, and build more practical trade union models in defense agencies and military units to meet the requirement of building a contingent of capable defense workers and strong trade union organizations in the military, thus contributing to firmly safeguarding the Fatherland in the current period.

Also at the event, on behalf of the Ministry of National Defense’s leadership, General Phuong presented the Ministry of National Defense’s insignias to the VGCL’s leaders.

Translated by Mai Huong