Major General, Doctor Tran Quoc Viet, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the hospital attended and assigned tasks to the medical staff.

Major General, Doctor Tran Quoc Viet, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the hospital, addresses the event.

Over the past years, the hospital has well performed military medical work and taken care of troops and people’s health in sea areas and on islands in the South, particularly Truong Sa island district. The health management, emergency aid provision, and transport of wounded, sick and troubled patients have been closely and effectively carried out by the hospital. Attentively, its medical personnel have always overcome all difficulties, felt secure to work, met task requirements, winning more trust from both troops and people. The hospital’s staff have taken turns to work at Truong Sa island infirmary.

On behalf of the medical staff, First Lieutenant, Doctor Hoang Anh Tuan from the Occupational Disease Department expressed his honor and pride to be entrusted to undertake the duties at Truong Sa island infirmary this time. He stressed that it is an important political task that gives young doctors and nurses opportunities to devote themselves, develop and partly safeguard the nation’s sacred maritime sovereignty.

Presenting flowers to the medical staff

Assigning tasks to the medical staff, Gen. Viet asked them to promptly carry out the missions, continue enhancing solidarity and supporting each other in work and life. The hospital’s director also stressed that the infirmary should promote close coordination with local units, effectively do mass mobilization work, actively build a strong unit. He expressed his belief that the medical staff will further develop during their time in Truong Sa island district.

Translated by Song Anh