PANO – The memorial monument in memory of the first battle of the Vietnam People’s Navy was inaugurated in Hoang Truong commune, Hoang Hoa district, Thanh Hoa province on December 19th by Thanh Hoa provincial People’s Committee and the Naval Command.

The 1,630sq.m project, including a 16.71metre-high statue and other assorted subprojects, is in celebration of the 71st founding anniversary of the Vietnam People’s Army and the 26th anniversary of the whole people’s defence festival.

The memorial monument is the place of historical, political, social, and cultural significance as it witnessed the glorious feats of arms of naval troops and people in Lach Truong in the resistance war for national salvation and independence. The first victory of naval troops and Lach Truong’s troops and people on August 2nd and 5th, 1964 encouraged Northern troops’ and people to go on struggle and to win over the large-scale air strike of US invaders and the  Southern troops and people to fight against the enemy. This glorious victory went down in the national history.

The project demonstrates the great gratitude and sentiment of the present generation to the valuable contributions and sacrifices of naval troops and Thanh Hoa’s troops and people to the national salvation cause.

Once operational, the project will contribute to educating revolutionary tradition to the next generations and raise their patriotism, strengthen the army-civilian relations, revolutionary spirit, “determine to fight and to win” spirit, and the spirit to be ready to take and fulfill sacred missions in the new context.

Translated by Tran Hoai