The scenario assumes that the Level 2 Field Hospital, which is deployed at a UN Peacekeeping Mission in South Sudan, has to provide emergency aid for injured people from mine explosions and a patient with bleeding blunt thoracic trauma while continuing intensive examination and treatment of other patients with cholera and malaria.

 Briefing participants on the exercise

Based on the assumed scenario, the Level 2 Field Hospital drew up a comprehensive plan to deal with each case and the whole situation while well preparing personnel as well as medical equipment and medicine for the cases.

During the exercise, doctors and nurses of the hospital coordinated closely with one another under the standard procedures and handled cases exactly and professionally while ensuring absolute security and safety for both humans and assets during the exercise.

Doctors and nurses giving emergency aid to the injured 

The Level 2 Field Hospital successfully fulfilled the mission and achieved all targets set by the exercise organizers.

Major, Doctor Bui Duc Thanh, Director of the Level 2 Field Hospital, said, “The exercise has provided opportunity for the unit to test its capabilities and exactly evaluate the training of its staff. Via the exercise, we will draw up more appropriate training plans in the future to further improve our staff’s ability, political stance and expertise so that the hospital can successfully fulfill its task when deployed to a UN peacekeeping mission.”

Translated by Thu Nguyen