Reports delivered at the event affirmed that the catering service models have been effectively carried out. These models helped military units not only ensure the quality of daily meals for troops, but also stay within their budget.

General Don speaks at the event

Since 2011, 88 units in the whole military have signed contracts with civilian catering units to serve around 37,200 people. Delegates also evaluated that military units have been well aware of the benefits of catering service contracts and gained experiences in implementing the models. Meanwhile, some contractors have paid attention to investing in catering facilities to raise the productivity and ensure food security and safety for troops.

Speaking at the event, General Don emphasized the importance of ensuring troops’ nutrition and hygiene. Highlighting the efforts of logistical units in the whole military in carrying out the work, General Don asked them to continue diversifying catering facilities and improving the quality of meals for troops, so that they could be healthy enough to meet the requirements of training and combat readiness missions while ensuring safety and hygiene.

An overview of the conference 

General Don said despite the effectiveness of the catering service models, there remained certain shortcomings. Therefore, he asked the General Department of Logistics to carefully survey and make recommendations to the Standing Committee of the Central Military Commission and Ministry of National Defense on whether catering service contracts should be continued.

Translated by Tran Hoai