Lt. Gen. Vu Hai San speaks at the event

Over the past years, under the direction of the Central Military Commission and Defense Ministry’s leaders, housing policy for troops has been effectively carried out. Since 2010, the whole military has completed 149 housing projects with more than 21,500 houses, contributing to easing troops’ housing difficulties. At present, around 12,000 houses are under construction and scheduled to be completed soon.

Appreciating their achievements over the past years, General San asked the General Department of Logistics and relevant agencies and units to promote their advisory role for the Central Military Commission and Ministry of National Defense and cooperate with provinces and cities to effectively carry out housing policies for troops. Meanwhile, military businesses were requested to strictly implement relevant agencies’ regulations to ensure the progress of projects.

At the meeting, the Ministry of National Defense awarded 12 groups and 12 individuals with excellent contributions to the implementation of housing work in the 2010-2020 period.

Translated by Tran Hoai