150 artists from five teams of the city’s armed forces joined the event. Art performances at the festival praised the Fatherland, the Party, and President Ho Chi Minh and the country, while highlighting the national tradition of revolutionary struggle and outstanding examples.

An art performance at the festival

Each team performed a general music and dance program with a duration from 25 to 30 minutes, with at least two art forms and four or more  performances. Each program must ensure the following criteria: Having a theme and logic, ensuring a reasonable proportion of performances and having at least one performance about young people.

As a result, the organizers awarded the first prize to the team with members from Gia Dinh Regiment, Regiment 10, the city’s Military School, and several other units with the contest theme "Keeping the sacred flame forever."

The festival contributed to educating and raising awareness of staff and youth union members and youngsters about the meaning, spirit and basic content of the Youth Union congresses at all levels.

Outstanding teams receive awards.

Additionally, it aimed to promote cultural and artistic activities as well as creating solidarity and close relationships among youth union members.

Translated by Trung Thanh