Knowing that the weather here is quite harsh, troops and people here have to overcome difficulties to promote production and develop economy.

A naval soldier performing task on the island

In addition to firmly protecting national sovereignty over sea and islands, they also attach much importance to farming production so as to raise living quality and building a clean environment.

Students on the island

According to Commander Tran Van Trinh, Political Commissar of Sinh Ton Island, the troops have taken many measures to plant trees in such harsh weather conditions. The number of green trees on Sinh Ton Island is increasing over the past time, bringing fresh environment to the islanders while helping block the wind during storms.

An art exchange in the area

On the occasion of the lunar New Year, units and local authorities stationed on the island received due care from people across the country. In Spring, the troops and islanders also joined tree-planting festival together with the whole nation. So far in 2023, they have planted more than 1,000 trees, contributing to building a green island.

“To do that, the island’s Chain-of-Command has disseminated information to raise troops’ awareness of the importance of trees, and assigned them to taking care of trees in the areas,” added Commander Tran Van Trinh.

Translated by Chung Anh