At the meeting, Senior Colonel Do Phu Tho, Secretary of the PAN’s Party Committee and Deputy Editor-in-Chief, reported the newspaper’s task performance since the beginning of this year and major missions for the rest of the year.

Sr. Lt. Gen. Do Can speaks at the meeting.

Tho emphasized that the PAN’s publications have been renovated in both contents and formats with more articles about training and daily activities of troops. The newspaper has also run articles about internal and external affairs, military-defense activities, important political events of the Party, State, Ministry of National Defense and covered achievements in all fields including politics, economy, socio-culture and preparations for and organization of Party Congresses at all levels.

In addition, the PAN has actively and effectively reported on the COVID-19 prevention and control efforts with the military on the frontline and on the armed forces’ engagement in disaster relief, search and rescue, hunger elimination and poverty reduction.

In his speech, Senior Colonel Doan Xuan Bo, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee and Acting Editor-in-Chief of the PAN, confirmed that the newspaper is taking the lead in the fight against hostile forces’ “peaceful evolution” strategy and signs of “self-evolution and self-transformation” in the military.

The Acting Chief-Editor also laid stress on PAN-conducted social activities, seminars, artistic exchanges, and writing contests. These activities have helped raise the newspaper’s position and prestige. Furthermore, the newspaper’s online edition has also developed various high quality multimedia products, contributing to the newspaper’s development as a multimedia journalism agency. Attentively, the Party Committee has successfully organized its congress for the 2020-2025 period.

On behalf of the GDP, General Can applauded the achievements and the high sense of  responsibility as well as the all-out efforts of the newspaper’s staff and workers in the past.

He asked them to continue to promote solidarity, responsibility, and a pioneer spirit to improve the PAN’s position in readers’ hearts. He requested the newspaper to ensure accuracy and timeliness of information, enhance information dissemination on policies for troops and their families, and actively participate in social welfare activities.

Promoting its 70-year tradition, the PAN was urged to effectively carry out its political missions while building a healthy and strong Party Committee and a comprehensively-strong unit. It was also requested to make thorough preparations for and successfully celebrate its 70th founding anniversary.

Translated by Mai Huong