At the meeting 

The delegation was headed by Senior Colonel Doan Quang Hoa, Deputy Director of the Department of Policies and Deputy Head of the National Steering Committee 515 for search, collection, repatriation, and verification of fallens’ remains.

At the military command, the mission checked its agencies’ and units’ profiles of fallen soldiers, compilation of documents on them and their families, and drawing of a map of burial locations of fallen soldiers to serve collection work. Delegates also looked into methods of searching, collecting, and verifying fallen soldiers’ remains as well as their use of budget, equipment, and vehicles in carrying out the work. They also clarified challenges facing agencies and units under the military command.

After the inspection, the mission highlighted the achievements in carrying out projects 1237 and 150 of Quang Ngai province over the past years and asked the province to strictly observe regulations set by Steering Committee 515.

The agencies and units were also asked to decode information related to fallen soldiers’ units as well as to provide information about fallen soldiers for their families and organizations who are in charge of searching and collecting remains of martyrs.

Translated by Tran Hoai