During the conference, Chief of the GDP’s Office Major General Trinh Van Hung briefed delegates on the conclusion of the Central Military Commission (CMC) on the task performance during the first six months of the year and missions for the second half. In addition, preparation for a conference to review Party and political work in the whole military and the GDP’s head Organs task performance in the first half of 2022 was reviewed at the event.

General Cuong speaks at the conference.

Accordingly, reports on the implementation of the Party and political work in the whole military and task performance of the GDP’s head Organs in the first six months of the year have been carefully prepared, in line with the reality and major tasks for 2022 defined by the CMC, focusing on leadership work for the task implementation in the last six months of the years.

Concluding the event, General Cuong acknowledged and hailed the GDP’s relevant units for their preparation for the upcoming conferences, asking them to soon finalize related documents as required.

An overview of the event

General Cuong also noted that in the coming time, the GDP’s units should work with relevant units in the whole military to make thorough preparation for the conferences mentioned above as scheduled.

Translated by Minh Anh