Recruits briefed on the development of the Quang Ninh provincial Border Guard Command

During the three-day event, new recruits learnt about the establishment, combat and development of the Quang Ninh provincial Border Guard Command and visited the Hall of Fame of the province’s border guard force.

The battalion’s troops also visited Po Hen Martyrs' Monument in Hai Son commune, Mong Cai city and paid tribute to fallen soldiers.

During the visit, they were also briefed on the establishment of People's Armed Police Station 209 (predecessor of Po Hen Border Post) as well as feats-of-arms obtained by the unit’s troops during the northern border defense war.

Through the extracurricular program, recruits also knew more about the system of border markers and border gates in Mong Cai city.

Recruits paying tribute to fallen soldiers at Po Hen Martyrs' Monument 

Such an activity was significant, as it helped enrich troops’ knowledge of tradition of the provincial border guard force in particular and the nation in general, thus encouraging them to strive to excellently fulfill assigned duties to contribute to firmly safeguarding national sovereignty and security.

Translated by Tran Hoai