Currently, at the Tay Trang International Border Gate, functional forces have closely observed the situation and made all preparations in order to be ready for combating Covid-19 on the borderline.

On March 28, the Border Check Point of Tay Trang International Border Gate completed entry procedures for 50 Vietnamese citizens returning from Laos. The returning citizens had their body temperatures checked and submitted medical declarations upon arriving in Vietnam.

During quarantine time, all facilities and necessities are provided to ensure adequate living conditions for quarantined people.

Receiving Vietnamese citizens returning from abroad

At present, local agencies and border guards are paying due attention to the Covid-19 control and prevention work at the Tay Trang International Border Gate in particular and along the shared borderline in general.

Hundreds of border guards have been divided into over 40 groups to set up makeshift camps in border areas to ensure round-the-clock patrols and surveillance.

In addition, they have teamed up with local authorities to increase patrol in border areas to prevent illegal exits and entries through border crossings.

Source: Baobienphong

Translated by Khanh Ngan