A worker of Samsung Electronics Vietnam wears face mask while working and applies other preventive measures against COVID-19

The instruction was part of an announcement released by the Government Office on the PM’s conclusions regarding the impacts of COVID-19, update on growth scenarios and directions on measures to implement socio-economic targets for 2020.

The PM emphasized that with a long border and strong economic-trade exchanges with China, Vietnam is bound to be affected by COVID-19, which requires drastic, synchronous and effective measures to counter the impact in both short and long term.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment was assigned to coordinate with relevant ministries and agencies to draft a Directive of the Prime Minister. The draft should assess the development of the COVID-19 epidemic and its impacts on all aspects of social and economic life, suggest solutions to respond to COVID-19’s effects, and update growth scenarios based on the epidemic’s development.

In particular, for the scenario for a growth rate of 6.8 percent as set for the year, the draft must define the specific quarterly targets for every sector and fields accompanied by measures to fulfill the targets.

The PM also required ministries and sectors to propose mechanisms, policies and solutions within the power of the Government and the PM to help with the development of sectors, including tourism and services, such as visa exemption, visa extension, reduction of visa fee, logistic expenses, or taxes and other fees.

Source: VNA