At the meeting, General Don acknowledged the institute’s achievements over the past time. Up to now, the unit has produced more than 60 types of medicines in modern technological lines with high quality. In addition, the military institute has also provided free health checkups and treatment for over 160,000 patients.

At the meeting

Especially, they have also established a mobile team to check staff’s body temperature at the entrance and launched exercises in response to Covid-19 epidemic. Furthermore, the unit has prepared quarantine areas for Covid-19 patients.

In preparation for the upcoming Party congress, the Military Institute of Traditional Medicine directed its half of the affiliated Party cells to hold their Party congresses. The institute’s Party Congress is expected to take place in August.

General Don asked the unit to make good preparation for their upcoming Party Congress, choose the best candidates for the next Party committees.

The Military Institute of Traditional Medicine should self-manage financial affairs and attach much importance to developing traditional medicine and applying new technologies in disease diagnosis and treatment while improving the quality of examination and treatment.

Translated by Khanh Ngan