To best fulfill all assigned tasks, the Council for Military Enlistment of the city actively made proposals to higher levels and devised plans for the recruitment in line with the laws.

Overview of the conference

In 2019, the city registered 4,381 out of 4,409 citizens aged 17 to do the military service. All the candidates had their health examined thoroughly. The city then handed over 1,145 qualified enlistees to military units, meeting 100% of the assigned quota.

At the same time, the city also received 816 discharged soldiers, provided them with career consultancy, supported them to settle down their lives and listed them in the local reserve force in line with the Ordinance on the Reserve Force.

In 2020, Da Nang city will focus on the dissemination and education of the Law on Military Service adopted in 2015 to raise youths’ awareness of the cause of fatherland protection, while taking drastic measures to ensure all citizens in their ages of the military service to register to do the national service, and raise the proportion of local enlistees with college and university degrees.

Translated by Tran Yen