Reporting on the command’s outcomes over the past time, commander Major General Ha Van Cu emphasized the Chemical Command’s outstanding staff, sound leadership, good management of assigned weaponry, and close direction over training and combat readiness observance.

Sr. Lt. Gen. Nguyen Chi Vinh welcomed at the Chemical Command

Attentively, last year, the command successfully completed its missions of monitoring, scouting, and reporting situations related to toxic substances, radioactive substances, biological agents, security, and radioactive substances. It also led its affiliates to actively engage in search and rescue missions and overcome the consequences of these toxic substances.

Addressing the visit, General Vinh acknowledged the command’s achievements in 2020. To meet mission requirements in the new situation, the Party Committee and leaders of the command were urged to direct their affiliates to undertake and fulfil all assigned missions, including routine and unexpected ones, in order to brighten the good images of Uncle Ho’s soldiers.

General Vinh also requested the unit to work closely with other central and local departments, military and civilian agencies, and tighten the ties with local people.

In this year and subsequent years, the command should boost information dissemination and international cooperation to mobilize resources and technologies for war consequence relief, further study toxic chemicals-decontaminated areas, assess impacts of toxic chemicals left behind from the war on ecology and people, and develop new technologies to clean the environment and toxic chemicals-contaminated sites.

Translated by Mai Huong