This was emphasized by Senior Lieutenant General Vu Hai San, Deputy Minister of National Defense, at the ceremony for receiving the second-class Fatherland Protection Order and celebrating the 75th founding anniversary of the military transportation sector (June 18, 1949 - 2024), held on the morning of June 15.

Senior Lieutenant General Vu Hai San delivering a speech at the ceremony

Starting from a modest force of 36 officers and soldiers at its inception, the Department of Military Transportation and the military transportation sector, with the principle of "building, fighting, and transporting simultaneously," have progressively developed their forces.

Delegates at the ceremony

During the historic Dien Bien Phu Campaign, the Department of Military Transportation successfully transported over 18,600 tons of supplies for the campaign. In the resistance war against the U.S., transportation troops excellently fulfilled their mission of transporting supplies to the Southern battlefield. In recent years, the military transportation sector has continued to effectively implement both regular and unscheduled transportation plans, ensuring support for various missions.

Senior Lieutenant General Vu Hai San hands over the second-class Fatherland Protection Order to the Department of Military Transportation.

In his speech at the ceremony, Senior Lieutenant General Vu Hai San congratulated the sector on its achievements over the past 75 years and demanded that the military transportation sector rigorously implement the guidelines and policies on military-defense affairs set forth by the Party, State, Central Military Commission, and Ministry of National Defense. He emphasized the need to enhance the capacity to organize and transport goods to ensure logistics supplies for military units nationwide. Particularly, the department must develop and adjust transportation plans at all strategic, operational, and tactical levels to fulfill all assigned tasks efficiently.

Translated by Song Anh