At the conference

Delegates evaluated that in 2019, under the leadership of the Border Guard Party Committee and Command, border guard units fulfilled all border area-related missions. Accordingly, they closely followed situational developments to make timely recommendations for the Party, the State, the Central Military Commission, and the Ministry of National Defense to issue guidelines and policies to effectively deal with incidents in border areas. 

Border guard units were also active in fighting crime, smuggling, and trade fraud while paying attention to carrying out combat readiness, natural disaster relief, search and rescue missions and building the whole people’s defense and firm border areas.

Delegates also highlighted the force’s results in training and regulation building as well as achievements in Party building. In complicated situations the border troops have always showed their absolute trust in the leadership of the Party and their determination to fulfil all assigned missions.

In 2020, the Border Guard Party Committee and Command will promote leadership over the implementation of missions in managing and protecting sovereignty and security in border areas and building a borderline of peace, friendship, cooperation, and development.

Border guard units will actively embrace situational developments and make recommendations for higher levels to build the force into a revolutionary, regular, elite, and increasingly modern one. They will also focus on building politically-organizationally-and ethically-strong Party organizations, so as to meet task requirements in the new context. 

Translated by Tran Hoai