The guests were welcomed by Major General Pham Duc Tho, Vice Political Commissar of the University and other representatives of the Military Youth Board, military departments and VMMU’s young officers.

The exchange between Vietnamese and Lao young officers

General Tho warmly greeted the delegation and said, “The exchange between the VMMU and the Lao delegation is a significant activity, as it manifests the traditional special solidarity and close relationship between the two countries in general and the young officers of the Lao People’s Army and the VMMU in particular.”

The Vietnamese general also quoted President Ho Chi Minh’s saying, “Vietnam and Laos, our two nations’ relations are deeper than the Red and Mekong rivers.”

He then briefed the guests on the university’s formation and development over the past seven decades. He proudly said that the university has three times been awarded the title “Hero of the People’s Armed Forces” and on the occasion of its 70th founding anniversary in March this year, the VMMU was presented with the Ho Chi Minh Order for the second time.

For his part, the Lao head delegate thanked the VMMU’s leaders for their warm reception and for creating favorable conditions for Lao officers during their study at the university over the past time.

Lao officers visit the hall of fame of the Vietnam Military Medical University.

Lieutenant Colonel Amphone Soukvixay hoped that the VMMU would continue supporting Lao trainees in their study at the academy so that they would become competent doctors, contributing to the Lao national medical development in the future.

Translated by Mai Huong