During the meetings, Vietnamese and Belarusian press and media agencies exchanged professional experiences and highlighted the strong development of journalism and communication. In particular, they focused on online news and media in the booming digital era. The two sides also discussed the possibility of cooperation in making and publishing reportages and documentaries about former military Soviet experts and military Belarusian advisers who once worked in Vietnam during the resistance war for national salvation.

Vietnamese delegates visiting the traditional room of Vayar Military News Agency

The visit to Belarus of the Vietnamese delegation was part of the journalism-related activities conducted regularly under the direction of leaders from Vietnam’s Defense Ministry and General Department of Politics and Belarus’s Defense Ministry and General Department of Ideological Work. Those activities helped Vietnamese and Belarusian journalists to raise their professionalism and widen their experiences as well as to strengthen solidarity and friendship between the two militaries.

On the occasion, the delegation visited the Minsk Military School, presented gifts to Mikhail Sergeievich, President of the Vietnam-Belarus Friendship Association and of the Association for Belarusian Veterans who once fought in Vietnam.

Translated by Tran Hoai