This annual meeting was under the signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the aim of exchanging information and evaluating cooperative outcomes in managing and protecting national border sovereignty and security for this year and mapping out future cooperation.

At the talks

The participants highlighted important achievements in ensuring political security, social order and safety and defending firmly each country’s border security and sovereignty.

Accordingly, the two sides directed their affiliates to promote information dissemination and encourage local people to cooperate in protecting the shared borderline, border markers and avoiding illegal border crossing as well as to maintain traffic through secondary border gates. They also gave recommendations on planting and upgrading border markers. Besides, the Ban Giang Border Post under the Ha Tinh Border Guard Command twinned with Border Protection Company 311 of Khammouane Provincial Military Command.

At the talks, the Ha Tinh Provincial Border Guard and the Lao Khammouane Provincial Military Command and Security Department signed an MoU with seven contents, including further information dissemination on border markers and shared borderline for local people, more suggestions given to local authorities in border protection and management, local socio-economic and cultural development, twinning activities, crime prevention and information exchange.

Also at the talks, the Drug and Reconnaissance Office under the Ha Tinh Provincial Border Guard and the Police and Security Office under the Khammouane Provincial Security Department signed an MoU on ensuring order and security and preventing crimes along the shared borderline.

Translated by Mai Huong