Reportedly, over the past time the two sides have well implemented the signed agreements between the National Police under the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Kingdom of Cambodia and the delegation of the Vietnam Border Guard Command as well as between the Dak Lak Provincial Border Guard Command and the Police of Mondulkiri province. Particularly, they have collaborated to exchange information related to security, cross-border crime prevention, and settlement of issues on the basis of the spirit of friendship, solidarity, and respect for each side’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Leaders of the two sides sign the talk's minutes.

In addition, the two sides have actively conducted border patrols to ensure security and safety, as well as protected the status quo of border landmarks, contributing to creating favorable conditions for working groups on demarcation and planting of landmarks of the two countries. They have also coordinated to implement COVID-19 prevention and control, and fight again plots and tricks of hostile forces to sabotage the border security.

In addition, the two sides have actively disseminated information to raise border people’s awareness of legal regulations and the signed agreements between the two governments. The Dak Lak Provincial Border Guard Command have given food and medical equipment to support COVID-19 prevention and control while providing power supply for border guard stations of Mondilkiri province.

In the time to come, the two sides will continue to effectively implement their signed agreements and exchange information related to border management and protection.

Translated by Trung Thanh