Speaking at the event, General of Brigade Marcelo Perez, Deputy Chief of the Political Directorate under the Cuban Ministry of Revolutionary Armed Forces, underscored the faithful solidarity between the two peoples, affirming that the Cuban people always bear in mind Vietnam’s support for Cuba during its hardest period.

An overview of the talk

He also noted that the bilateral defense cooperation has been enhanced and developed in all fields, becoming an important pillar in the Vietnam - Cuba relations. Therefore, young generations of both nations are to preserve and uphold the good traditions, contributing to boosting the bilateral relations in the time ahead.

General of Brigade Marcelo Perez speaks at the event.

Addressing the event, Senior Colonel Tran Viet Nang, Head of the Military Youth Advisory Board of the VPA's General Department of Political Affairs, emphasized the importance of the talk, adding that this is an opportunity for both sides to promote exchange and share experience in all fields, contributing to creating favorable conditions for closer connection between young officers of the two countries.

Senior Colonel Tran Viet Nang speaks at the event

He took the occasion to propose that both sides boost dissemination and education among troops and people about the special solidarity between the two countries and militaries, while fighting against all plots and sabotage tricks of hostile forces aimed at dividing the solidarity between the two countries and militaries.

He also suggested increasing exchanges and improving professional competence for young officers, with an initial focus on medical field, supporting each other on multilateral and international forums. The Vietnamese side affirmed that the Vietnamese young officers will always stand shoulder to shoulder with the Cuban people and comrades from the Cuban Ministry of Revolutionary Armed Forces.

Cuban officers at the talk

On the occasion, the two sides briefed each other on the situation of the two countries and militaries, and discussed measures to further strengthen their bilateral special relationship.

Translated by Minh Anh