This was the first activity of the ongoing first-ever “Vietnam Coast Guard and Friends” exchange in 2022 launched by the Vietnam Coast Guard.

An overview of the meeting

In his opening remarks, Major General Le Quang Dao highlighted the two sides’ solidarity, overcoming difficulties and close coordination in implementing cooperation activities in a substantive, effective manner, thus actively consolidating the trust and closeness between the two forces. Their cooperation has contributed to upholding an environment of security, order and safety and law abidance in waters bordering the two countries and become a bright spot in the cooperation to enforce law at sea among regional countries.

The two head delegates sign the meeting minutes.

This year, with their joint great efforts, they have reaped clear achievements in law enforcement in the shared waters. They have successfully organized two joint patrols, during which joint search and rescue exercises were conducted while information dissemination was carried out to encourage the two countries’ fishermen to strictly observe law, not encroach on each other country’s waters, and not illegally exploit seafood. Attentively, they have monthly informed each other of the trawlers with violation of law in the Gulf of Tonkin to educate the two countries’ fishermen to abide by law, and not to violate IUU fishing regulations. They have also regularly exchanged letters of congratulations during festivals, important events of each country and shared information about law enforcement at sea.

At the meeting, the China Coast Guard delegation spoke highly of the Vietnamese side’s organization of the meeting. They voiced their support for the host’s organization of the “Vietnam Coast Guard and Friends” exchange, saying that it is an opportunity for law enforcement forces of regional countries to exchange, share experience so as to further their effective coordination to ensure law enforcement in the time ahead.

The two sides agreed to strengthen their cooperation and sharing of information about law enforcement duties, search and rescue, and handling of contingencies at sea. They consented to continue their joint patrol in the waters adjacent to the Gulf of Tonkin demarcation line, and coordinate to organize joint activities during the patrol. At the end of the meeting, the two head delegates signed the meeting minutes.

Earlier, a solemn welcome ceremony was held at Huu Nghi International Border Gate in Lang Son province on December 6 for the eight-member China Coast Guard delegation.

At the event, on behalf of the Vietnam coast guard force, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Vietnam Coast Guard Senior Colonel Tran Thanh Luong offered deep condolences to the Chinese coast guard force and Chinese government and people over the passing of former Chinese Party General Secretary and President Jiang Zemin.

Translated by Mai Huong